About Us

The Faulkner County Tea Party (FCTP) educates and inspires people to promote constitutional, conservative principles / values and fiscal responsibility in government.

While we share similar values with other patriot organizations, we operate independently. FCTP does not receive funding or support from any state or national organization.

As a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization, your donations are most welcome, although they are NOT tax-deductible.

We Believe:

* Freedom and liberty are self-evident rights granted to us by God, not given to us by Government.

* Government’s role is to advance and protect these rights within the limits set forth in our state and national Constitutions.

* A limited government must be fiscally responsible to protect the blessings of liberty.

We do not advocate the absence of government or violent overthrow of our government, nor do we tolerate violent and/or racist language and behavior.